Pretty Sneaky Sis.

Saturday Morning Arcade is a journal where five people list and briefly discuss the games they've finished in 2010.

The name originally was what I would call my electronic music duo if I were to ever attempt to start one. Instead, it has become the name of this project a few friends and myself set out to do. This is coming off the recent barrage of countless video game blogs and internet message board posts listing their top games of the year, and even the decade.

Around this time, I too attempt to recall what I have played over the past 365 days. The problem is by Q4, with the mass amount of titles to come out , I quickly forget what I actually played over the summer, let alone from the first few months of the new year. A simple remedy would be found in a post Stephen Totilo made in which he listed the games he finished in 2009. Just the idea of having an end all be all list at the end of the year would make figuring out personal games of the year a lot more easier. Plus, who knows what else would come out of this as it progresses.

Rather than remembering everything I touched in 2009, playing blogger and recording everything in 2010 sounds a lot more fun. Each time one of us finishes a game, you can expect a quick impression regarding the experience.

So here's to a experimental year, and hopefully it goes on past January.