Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE!

Did you know there's a Saturday Morning Arcade Talk Show? Where every week Jaren and Mark discuss what they've been playing, news around the industry, and other random junk? Yep, that totally exists. It is done through the University of Toronto Mississauga's radio station CFRE.

So how can you check this out? Well, it all happens live every Friday, from 2 - 3 pm. You can check it out by going to the official CFRE website and downloading the iTunes/Winamp/Whatever file that streams the broadcast to your preferred media player of choice.

You can also download individual episodes, and listen to us to your heart's content. Once again, these are available through CFRE. You can check out the very first episode here which took place roughly two weeks ago. Mark talks about the Kinect, I whine about Rock Band 3, and other fun stuff like that. You can definitely hear the first time jitters.

So yeah, check us out. We may not be actively writing about games, but we're definitely talking about them.


01 - "First Time Jitters" [via CFRE]