Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "03: What A Train Wreck Sounds Like"

Were you there for the awkwardness that was the 11/29 show of Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE? No? Well you're in luck, because it's now available for you to download in mp3 form! What makes this episode a mess you ask? Listen for yourself!

You can download the madness here. I awkwardly stumble with words, Mark discusses real life Mario kart, even more trips to rumor town, epic epics of epicness, and we begin our rumblings for Game of the Year. Towards the end you can hear my distaste for this episode. But hey, they can't all be zingers right?

This week (12/06) we were joined by Julian who may return again next week along with fellow SMA affiliate Rakush. We'll probably try to push for another hour and a half long episode, something four people discussing stuff kind of warrants. Since the Spike TV Video Game Awards are this weekend, that's probably going to be one of the main topics of discussion, along with whatever games are announced that night. Definitely check that out next Monday, 1pm EST over at CFRE.

Speaking about our lovely audio providers, the very first episode of SMA LIVE! is up on the CFRE iTunes Podcast page. Definitely check that out and subscribe if you have the chance. Episodes 2 and 3 won't be posted for obvious reasons, but I'm pretty sure 4 and onwards will be.

That's all the housekeeping for now. Oh, and CAMMY U MUST B JOKIN.

03: "What A Train Wreck Sounds Like" [via CFRE]