Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "06: Pulling A True Crime"

The only "True Crime" is this game.

You listened to it live last week, now relive the magic of Friday's Broadcast in sweet podcast form. In this episode, Saturday Morning Arcade contributor Rakush joins the usual cast of myself, Mark and Julian. We cover a range of topics including Bayonetta, Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightsticks, Preordering Special Editions, the Smash Bros. Brawl Dojo and Playstation 3 hacking shenanigans. Towards the end of the show we break into comic book talk which doesn't really go anywhere, so enjoy that!

You can listen to it here. Remember to tune in this Friday, where the four of us will be at it again LIVE from two to three. Once again, this is provided by the lovely people over at CFRE, and all I ask of you is to dream about them while you sleep.

I have nothing else to say so, SATURDAY MORNING ARCADE OUT.

06: "Pulling A True Crime" [via CFRE]

Note: Around the 27:55 mark, I say "Yeah, superior PS3 cover art" in response to our Catherine discussion. I just wanted to retract this statement, as I was indeed thinking of the superior Xbox360 cover art as that is the one with Katherine on the cover. Of all the things to take back right?

Secondary BONUS note: Originally I was going to name this episode "Superior Jeanne Master Race" in response to the Bayonetta conversation that was had. However, while making the post art I realized that a True Crime reference would be more fitting. Just so all that "hard" work doesn't go to waste, here's the original "Superior Jeanne Master Race" post art, just for you ;D