Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "08: Personal Service Announcement"

Hello everyone there in internet land. It's the start of the week and that means a new episode of Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! As always, if you missed our live broadcast last Friday, fret not! You can download it for your listening pleasure here!

Our four piece ensemble returns for another hour of video game related discussion. Julian talks about Majora's Mask and Dead Space 2, I lose my man card, and we touch upon a number of different topics including the Sony NGP, Nintendo peripherals, and of course our beloved Marvel vs. Capcom 3- it wouldn't be Saturday Morning Arcade without it.

Make sure to tune in LIVE once again this Friday, 2 - 3pm EST to experience the magic, well, live. Just head over to at the end of the week and all your dreams will come true (as long as those dreams involve listening to us live).

For those who enjoyed our Monday Broadcasts, you may be in for a little treat. For the next two Mondays (February 7 and 14), we will be broadcasting "Specialty Morning Arcade LIVE". Same SMA Time, Same SMA Channel, just a different SMA Day! Currently, these episodes will be dedicated to discussing a particular game/franchise. As of now, the Fallout franchise seems to be the topic of choice, as we've been wanting to do a Fallout-centric episode for a tad now.

Regardless of what happens, make sure to check that out. Of course, if you guys have any questions, comments, suggestions and what not for the show, please feel free to email us at Who knows, maybe it'll be you that saves us from the awkward conversations we usually experience at the end of our shows.


08: "Personal Service Announcement" [via CFRE]