Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "10: Comes with the Territory"

HAPPY 10 (technically 11) EPISODES! Though many feel that 50 would call for celebration, I feel that having 10 episodes of our own isn't anything to scoff at! Well, if we remembered anyway. There was really no indication during the podcast itself that this episode was a hallmark event.

Last week, Mark and I kick it old school as the both of us chat about video games for an hour or so, before Saturday Morning friend Patrick stops by for the last ten minutes. Before then I geek out about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland while Mark gives his impressions of the five minutes he had with Marvel vs Capcom 3. In our news portion of the show, we discuss Activision's killing of the Hero franchise, Harmonix's present and potential Dance Central future, then rapidly go through headlines before we get to more listener questions and attempt to play six degrees of video game separation! Then the show awkwardly and abruptly comes to an end! SUCH QUALITY STUFF CAN BE LISTENED TO HERE.

Today we had another Specialty Morning Arcade broadcast where we discussed Fighting Games. For those of you who missed it, it'll be available for download next Monday, as long as I don't question its quality sometime during the week. There may be one more Specialty Morning Arcade next Monday as well, but currently that decision is still up in the air. Tune in to our Twitter @SMArcade the day of to see, or just listen over at CFRE for the hell of it.


10: "Comes with the Territory" [via CFRE]