Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "11: Babbee's First Bus Ride"

It's that time again for another episode of Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! If you missed us live last Friday (02/18), here's your chance to catch up with the sweet MP3 version. Not only are you getting awesome conversation, but included in the package are varying mic levels (it's not that bad, I promise!) as well as me sounding like a robot AND total Dbag! The perfect compliment to your midday brunch I think.

In this episode, the usual gang and I discuss a variety of topics including Alice Madness Returns, Dead Island and Zombie Fatigue, Children's Television shows, Fight Night Champion, Mirror's Edge, Collectors Editions, internet girls, and Fables before we get into, you guessed it, Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Oh, and The Rock, because The Rock is amazing.

If you're ready for random conversation, you can download it here. Currently, we're on the fence again regarding if there will be another show Live show this Friday. Since each of us are on reading week, schedules may be more packed than usual. Tune in to our Twitter @SMArcade or even our new Facebook page for all our updates. If we're not on air this week, you can beat your horses you'll hear from us again the next.

Until then friends,

11: "Babbee's First Bus Ride" [via CFRE]