Specialty Morning Arcade LIVE - "SP: Fightan Gamez"

Well, here it is. The second installment of Specialty Morning Arcade LIVE. Throughout the past week or so, I've been debating whether I should post this one. Stop me if you've heard this before, but this one is kind of on the rough side. It's plagued with varying mic volumes, awkward pauses and conversation that doesn't really go anywhere. These episodes are mostly done spontaneously and it certainly shows. I should probably stop making excuses and work on the quality, but what can you do.

Now you may be asking, why even bother posting it then. Well, in the wise words of Patrick: all or nothing. So here goes nothing. This episode I try to talk about NBA Jam and cawadooty before we (Mark/Patrick/Julian) get into the real meat and potatoes which are fighting games. Here we discuss various franchises and arcade memories before jumping into the beast that is Marvel vs. Capcom 3... or try to at least. I'm assuming it has some moments, so hopefully you can find them. You can can be taken for a ride here.

That's pretty much it for Specialty Morning Arcade LIVE for the time being. If you tune in next Monday at 2pm EST via the very lovely CFRE, you will be treated to regular Truth Bombs: an hour of moi spinning my personal indie, alternative and underground Hip Hop picks. I think I also have a new co-host, so maybe you should check it out for her or something.

Until then true believers,

SP : "Fightan Gamez" [via CFRE]