Specialty Morning Arcade LIVE - "SP: Fallout Boys"

Remember the good old days of Saturday Morning Arcade? Where we would broadcast live every Monday, and have them available for download the next? Well, time to strap on those nostalgia goggles as this is a special return to form.

Last Monday (02/07), Saturday Morning friends Julian and Patrick joined me as we put on our own nostalgia glasses to discuss the Fallout franchise. For the most part anyway. The show begins with what Patrick has been playing, which eventually leads us to talk about Coke music. After our first break comes the main event where we talk about the Fallout games, from topics ranging from favourite missions, locales, characters and even other Bethesda franchise the Elder Scrolls. Sorry Fallout purists, a majority of it does revolve around Fallout 3 and New Vegas though Julian tries to reflect back on the original two.

Overall, it was a fun time reminiscing about a series of games that each of us found entertaining. You can listen to the good times HERE. Special thanks to CFRE for hosting it, as this is actually our second posted podcast of the week.

SP : "Fallout Boys" [via CFRE]