Capcom Reveals Challenge Mode DLC for MvC3

Next week Saturday Morning Arcade favourite Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be getting a double dose of DLC. Well, technically a double dose. It all starts March 22 where players will download a patch that prepares the game for something called "Challenge Mode". A few days later on March 25, that mode will be fully available for all players to sink their teeth into.

Capcom Japan released a few details regarding what this mode has to offer. Both the patch and the mode itself are free to MvC3 players and will require an internet connection to access. The announcement also mentioned that "Unless you clear or retire from "DL Challenge Mode," you cannot play in other modes. Please note this beforehand."

Additionally, according to the latest Ask Capcom Stream via Capcom Unity, Challenge Mode will consist of series of different challenges. It will be here that players can unlock the mysterious "Complete Event #" License card titles. Pretty Exciting right?

As you may have seen, we posted our own little wishlist regarding what we wanted to see out of MvC3's possible Event Mode. Since details remain pretty scarce at the time, it's hard to tell if any of our wishes have been fulfilled. However, content such as this is a nice incentive for the more single players out there as the game is pretty bareboned in that department. It being free also doesn't hurt.

What really has my interests piqued is the "Unless you clear or retire from "DL Challenge Mode," you cannot play in other modes" statement. The way I interpreted this is that, like the game's Mission Mode, once you are in a challenge you need to either complete it or quit out in order to do something else. Pretty obvious right? However some online users are speculating that maybe you need to do a few of these challenges in a row, which may or may not be reminiscent to a survival like mode of sorts. Perhaps we're all reading into this a little too literally. Then again, it's fun to speculate over these things. I think.

Regardless, we'll all know for sure next week when the "DL Challenge Mode" becomes available through Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Store.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DL Challenge Mode Update [via Capcom Japan. Translated by GameFAQs user CAW Evolution]

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