Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "12: BROcade"

Greetings Internet! It's been quite some time, but Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE is back. After some time off due to reading week, your chums have returned to deliver another hour of awkward conversation about video games. If you were unable to catch us LIVE last Friday, now is your chance to relive the magic - and by magic, I mean varying audio levels and my inability to speak properly! We also deal with a power outage that freaks the everyone out. LIVE!

The usual cast joined me last week to bro out about downloadable game sales, The Dragon Age II demo, Fatlus, Saints Row, Infamous 2, motion gaming potential, and of course the new Hotness: Alice. The podcast spirals into madness towards the end as we speed through our last news headlines and I express my disappointment with Capcom in a... less than mature way. You can catch all this AND MORE HERE!

As always, you can listen in on our shenanigans LIVE every Friday, 2 - 3pm EST thanks to the very lovely people over at CFRE. Thank them by having their babies if you have a couple of minutes to spare.


12: "BROcade" [via CFRE]

For those wondering what Fatlus comic I was referring to: