Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "13: Bloody Mary"

It's the beginning of the week, and that means another new (technically old) episode of Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! If you weren't kicking it with us live last Friday, now's your chance to... kick it. Even if you did, our voices make for great dinner companions when you're eating Mr. Noodle out of a pot all by your lonesome. Wait what.

As always, we discuss a variety of different things over the span of an hour including: Mark's time with the 3DS, Mortal Kombat, MLB 11 The Show, childhood rumors, more wrestling shenanigans, Angry Birds, Dragon Age II and other random junk! You can get this week's show by saying "Inferior Jasmine Peasant Race" in front of a mirror, or by simply clicking here.

Our in studio audience this week included CFRE's newest DJs, Two and a Half Men. You can catch them every Sunday from 5 - 6pm EST via, you guessed it, CFRE. You can also check out previous SMA LIVE guests on air Wednesdays with Waj's The Magnetic Tape 1 - 2pm and Jyll's Random Pancakes 4 - 5pm. Yay for being one big happy radio family. Yay.

I'll be honest. I'm currently not sure about the status of our live show for this Friday. Seeing as we're entering the very hectic final weeks of school, people aren't that free with their time. Such people include most of the SMA LIVE cast. Regardless, something will be happening this Friday during our usual time of 2 - 3 pm EST, or maybe even somewhat earlier, so make sure you check that out!


13: "Bloody Mary" [via CFRE]