Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "15: Behind The Scenes"

Without further delay, here's the latest episode of Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! You may have heard this last Friday (March 25), but if you didn't now is your chance. Or not. I'll be blunt. I honestly, honestly, HONESTLY don't like this episode. It's one of those episodes.

Our latest offering is plagued with technical difficulties. A lot of difficulties in general. Seeing as we recorded the night after the super awesome CFRE DIY Pub night, let's just say some of the equipment was a little hung over. Not everyone had a mic, the audio is distorted and conversation generally goes no where. I partly blame myself for losing hope half way through, though we do pick up some steam towards the end.

Last week we talked about stuff. And waiting in line for stuff. That's probably the highlight of the episode which roughly starts around the 1:11:10 mark. You can check it out HERE.

We promise you we'll do better this Friday at 2pm EST, when we broadcast LIVE! via CFRE. Pinky swear. With a cherry on top. Plz don't h8 us.


15: "Behind The Scenes" [via CFRE]