Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "16: Sing Along Fun Hour"

Did you like our April Fools Joke? One whole week without a new episode of SATURDAY MORNING ARCADE LIVE? But don't be crushcrushcrushed! In true better late than never fashion, here is our broadcast from April Fools in super sweet Mp3 form.

Last last week the usual cast sat down for a hour and a half worth of conversation. Rakush likes sports, Julian throws money around, I online shop and Mark wages war on assignments. In between we discuss video game related things such as Torchlight, Back to the Future episodes, the SOCOM 4 Beta, The Witcher, Online passes and cancelled games. The last portion of the show has Julian and I Bro-ing it out, discussing Tangled, post-graduation plans, World of Warcraft dirt and the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Shadow Pack DLC. You can sing along with us HERE.

The official CFRE website was revamped last week and is brand spanking new! If you haven't figured out how to navigate it yet, just click the little arrow to bring down the menu, and from there you can listen in to sweet jams and rowdy voices. As a result of the change, our previous podcasts aren't really online anymore. Don't fret! We'll be updating them very soon... on a possible new Saturday Morning Website as well?

Catch us again this Friday, 2pm EST for more Saturday Morning Goodness.


16: "Sing Along Fun Hour" [via CFRE]