Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "18: Not So Magical Friendship"

It's the beginning of the week, and are you already feeling the daily grind fatigue? What better way to keep you going than to listen to the latest episode of SATURDAY MORNING ARCADE LIVE. Falling asleep during your morning commute? Let our varying sound levels tickle your ear drums and you'll be making faces in no time! At least you'll feel alive.

For this week's podcast I complain about not having OFWGKTA tickets, Rakush is one step closer to being a Ghost Buster, Julian wants to treasure hunt and Mark ain't no Hollaback Grrrl. In between those shenanigans we rap about Dance Central, Dissidias, Divinity 2, Persona 3 & 4, playing games on an HDTV, Nintendo's next console rumors, Geohotz and finally friendship magic. Or something. I don't know. I don't watch that filth. Relive the magic HERE.

Just one more little update. Our back catalog of podcasts is back online! Now you can go back and listen to our previous podcasts to your hearts content and relive the magic (wait did I already use that cliche). You can now continue telling your friends how awesome we are and recommending our older stuff because for some reason it's better than our newer stuff. While you're doing that make sure to tell them how super awesome CFRE is because, well, they are.

Make sure to tune in this Friday at 2pm EST for another episode of SATURDAY MORNING ARCADE LIVE... LIVE! via our friends over at CFRE. Go ahead, do a test run. Just click that link and listen now! Practice makes perfect right?


18: "Not So Magical Friendship [via CFRE]