Get Hype: Saints Row The Third Story Trailer

Careful, strong language ahead.

What more can I say that hasn't be already said for this game? Above is a cut trailer for the upcoming Saints Row The Third, which gives players a taste of what to expect this November. Alongside wrestling moves, giant mascot heads and the infamous purple dildo bat, is a look at the game's story. Laid out is the main antagonist, the reason the Saints have beef with him and what has been previously been described as the game's first mission. It is Saints Row after all and it's no surprising that it starts off with a bang.

The trailer joins a flock of Saints Row 3 news that has come forth throughout the past few weeks. Check out who's lending their voice to the game, pre-order bonuses, special edition information and developer commentary shenanigans after the jump.

Announced earlier this week were some of voice actors you will be hearing throughout SR3. Reprising his role as Johnny Gat is actor Daniel Dae Kim of... Lost Fame? I've never watched the show but sure. You can hear some of his work in the trailer above. Joining him is Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan who will be voicing Angel De LaMuerte. Angel is the new Saints gang member who can be seen Tornado DDTing someone in the Power Trailer. Finally, Sasha Grey will be voicing Viola DeWynter. Her and her sister Kiki run the financial side of the enemy Syndicate organization. The two can also be seen in the Power Trailer. Sasha is not the first adult film actress to lend her vocal talents to the Saints Row franchise. In the previous game, THQ announced Terra Patrick to be SR2's "Special Producer". In addition to starring in a few developer diary videos, she was also a main character in the game's second piece of downloadable content, Ultor Exposed.

Speaking about the Power Trailer, developer Voilition also released a developer commentary cut this week. Narrated by Lead writer Steve Jaros, he introduces the new characters, gives some tidbits about returning ones and points out some neat things that you may have missed. You can check it out below.

Onto the final piece of Saints Row news. Last week Publisher THQ announced information regarding pre-order bonuses and the special edition. Players who choose to pre-order the game will receive the "Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack". Players will have a chance to (hopefully) download early items influenced by the Professor Genki Activity/Side Missions found in the game. These items include "The Super Ballistic Man-A-Pult" (A car that swallows up pedestrians and shoots them out of a cannon), "The Octopuss Cannon" (A rocket launcher that shoots Octopi onto people's heads) and a Leisure Stunt Suit that... well, makes you look stylish when you're doing all this stuff. You can check out this zaniness in the trailer below.

If you want to drop some additional coin, then maybe the Saints Row The Third: Platinum Edition is for you. For $40 more you'll also receive a copy of the game (duh), the above Pre-order pack pre-order free, a selection of the game's soundtrack on a neat compact disc and finally some headphones. But not just any headphones, these are high quality headphones with a built in voice-processing (auto tune) feature. While it is not compatible with Xbox Live or Playstation Network (for use with 3.5mm audio input and smart-phone devices only), you can bet that your skype conversations will get a little more entertaining. Amazon is pricing the bundle at $99.99, so get your wallets ready.

And that's it. All the recent info regarding the upcoming Saints Row The Third. Now, GET HYPE.