Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "20: Birthday Cards and Pizza"

Get into your time machines kids. We're going back in time to April 29th, 2011. That's right, after a long, Long, LONG hiatus, Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! is back in its glorious podcast form. To celebrate, we're throwing you a listening party and playing the hottest jams around: our broadcast from the last week of April.

Bare with us as we discuss The Fast and Furious movies, the NBA playoffs, Mortal Kombat Sekrets, Portal 2, Dance Central, God of War 3's ending, Sony Hacks (LOL REMEMBER THAT?), Birthday Presents, Burning Souls, the Need For Speed, The Future of Skating games, Console Allegiance, and a farewell tribute to the DS Lite. I don't want to toot our own horn, but I really liked this episode. You can reach 88 miles per hour with us HERE.

Keep posted to Saturday Morning Arcade as throughout the week we'll be posting the rest of our lost episodes. Not Lost-based episodes, but our previously recorded episodes that were lost and you get what I mean. Make sure to also tune in Live! this Friday 2pm EST to hear us ramble. As always, all this is possible thanks to the super awesome people over at CFRE. You should mail them hugs and stuff.

20: "Birthday Cards and Pizza" [via CFRE]