Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "21: Diving Elbow Drop Salute"

If a hot tub can send you back in time, then I'm pretty sure almost everything has the potential to do the same. Take, for example, this latest Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! podcast. Listening to it will take you back to a simpler time. A time before LA Noire's development process was supposedly revealed to be a living hell. A moment where hacking was all the rage. A world where Duke Nukem Forever still hadn't come out.

On our May 20th episode we rap about LA Noire, Portal 2 Co-op, the latest NHL team, Pokemon White, videogame actors, Sony's Welcome Back Package, Gears of War 3 and we end off with a farewell tribute to The Macho Man Randy Savage. You can snap into this podcast HERE.

We're continuing to roll out our back catalog of podcasts. Make sure to check back tomorrow for another podcastical episode that features discussion that's probably already dated. Speaking about tomorrow, we're going to be doing an episode of Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE!... Live! If you're just bumming around tomorrow at 2pm EST, get your butt over to and listen to all the chaos as it unfolds.


21: "Diving Elbow Drop Salute" [via CFRE]