Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "22: An Obnoxious Experience"

The Podcast dump continues here at Saturday Morning Arcade as we post our "lost" episodes from the last three months. Ready for your listening pleasure is episode 22 which was originally broadcasted on May 27th. This is a special Pre-E3 episode mostly due to the fact that we incorporated some online soundboards. Not only does our obnoxious level spike up, but the volume of the recording does too at points. Think of it like an audio version of Doom 3! Jump scares aplenty!

For this episode we recorded it in front of a children's day camp. We also rap about The Witcher, Trading Card Games, Pokemon Training, Portal 2 Co-Op, Mortal Kombat Online, Pre-Crisis Nintendo Cafe, Possible Rockstar Open Worlds, Bully 2 Hopes and some E3 Predictions. Oh, plus we fangasm over the thought of a Pokemon Console MMO. You can mash sample buttons with us HERE.

The fun never stops here at Saturday Morning Arcade! Want to know when we're at our maximum funness? Listen to us live Saturday nights now! We're coming to you live on a new batday, at a new battime of 9PM EST. But don't worry, we still have the same batchannel. The magic is done courtesy of CFRE. See you lovely people Saturday!


Warning: Red Dead Redemption Spoiler Alert around 22:00 - 22:20 and once again 25:00 - 25:33, so watch out for that

22: An Obnoxious Experience" [via CFRE]