Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "23: Freudian Slippers"

We're slowly, but surely, putting up all our previous podcasts that we've recorded over the past few months. Here's our entry for June 03 and actually our only podcast for that entire month. Here we kick it old school with just Mark and Myself as we get into our regular gaming podcast shenanigans.

For our 23rd (technically 25th episode) we rap about Portal 2 Secrets, Mortal Kombat Online, Smash Bros, Rockstars, Video Rental Store Closings, HD Re-Releases, EA's Origin, Early Adopters, Ladies with Whips, Cowadooty Services, More E3 hopes, and Julian contributes to the show FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. You can mix your numbers up with us HERE.

With this one out of the way, all that's left is to post our July episodes and we'll be up to date! Make sure to join us every Saturday night at around 9pm EST to listen to us LIVE. Once again you can catch us at the ultra too cool for school


23: "Freudian Slippers" [via CFRE]

Note: Around the 42 minute mark, my mic cuts out and Mark basically talks to himself for roughly 2 minutes. Everything returns to normal at the 44 point so excuse the random moments of silence.