Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "24: Madness Returns"

Insert GLADoS saying "It's been a long time" here.

After a month hiatus due to vacation, Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE returned to CFRE on July 8th, Bigger! Badder! And More Distorted! Joining the usual cast of Jaren, Julian, Mark and Rakush is CFRE DJ Dave... and you know what that means! Five people, four mics! Regardless we all spiral into typical, and not so typical video game related discussion.

For this episode we rap about Infamous One and Two, Open World Sandbox Environments and Their Mechanics, Steam Sales, Basketball Managing, Cowadooty Multiplayer, Star Wars, Zelda Main Characters, Spider-Man games, Back to the Future, Recettear, The Longest Journey's April Ryan, Spiral Knights, Bandwidth Caps and a Digital Distribution Future, Dook Nookem, Batman Arkham City Covers, The WiiU and of course our queen and her latest game - Alice Madness Returns. You can have some tea with us HERE.

We're almost there friends. The Podcast dump is almost over. Soon our recordings will be up to date and you can listen to us talk about things that are a bit more relevant. Oh wait, you already can! Make sure to tune in every Saturday at around 9pm EST for some Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE goodness! As always, it's all thanks to the very awesome people at CFRE. Until then,


24: "Madness Returns" [via CFRE]

Note: The first five minutes or so are kind of distorted. While it fixes itself throughout the show it's still there you can still hear traces of it. If you want to hold out for a bit, SMA friend Matt will be uploading a clearer (or I guess less distorted version) of this episode onto Megaupload in the next few days. Sorry!