Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE: Season Two Podcast Dump

It's time to dust off the old cobwebs and welcome you guys to SATURDAY MORNING ARCADE LIVE. Have you been tuning into our live broadcasts? The ones that happen every Saturday night, 9pm EST over at CFRE Radio? No? You're into podcasts? Podcasts that we haven't been posting online?

Well, I apologize for that. I see that the last time we posted a podcast was August 10th, and that was the July 8th episode! Rest assured, we've been broadcasting live since then week in and week out. It's just, we're having some troubles actually getting the recordings from CFRE. The staff has a lot on their plate. The moment we do get them, expect a huge flood of mp3 goodness.

Since August 10th, we've been doing a show a week with a few bonus episodes happening here and there. Things have changed. New segments, new formats and even some new cast members? Saturday Morning Arcade would like to welcome Matt Alba, an old friend but a new regular to the show. Even Natassia Anne shows up every now and then. Let's just call it season two.

Matt recorded some of the episodes himself and threw them up on Megaupload. The numbering right now is a little off because we don't have access to all our previous episodes, but they'll do for now. You can check them out below:

Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE Season Two Episode 04: "The Princess Brawl"
-Recorded 09/10
-Somethings never change, as the gang from "Saturday Morning Arcade" pit their favourite princesses against one another whilst pitching a Disney princess fighting game! Other things are also discussed.

Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE Season Two Episode 06: "Apathetic Beach Volleyball"
-Recorded 09/17
-The gang from "Saturday Morning Arcade" reveal the less glamorous side of tropical exploitative vacations whilst pitching a new Dead or Alive Extreme game! Other things are also discussed.

Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE Season Two Episode 07: "Hello Alison"
-Recorded 09/24
-Micheal Jackson, World War II, Basketball, Shaun White and Landmines. Listen as the gang from "Saturday Morning Arcade" try to pitch video games about these things! PLUS, is Natassia's claim to SMA's First Lady threatened? FIND OUT IN THIS EXCITING EPISODE!

Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE Season Two Episode 08: "First Hand Experiences"
-Recorded 10/01
-New microphones, vinyl toys, kitchen scales, Nintendo 3DS' and soggy text books. Listen to what happens when the gang from "Saturday Morning Arcade" turn their regular scheduled program into show and tell! Just don't tell Batman we're recording in the Batcave!

Yeah, those megaupload links are just temporary until we nab those proper mp3 files. Until then friends, make sure to join us LIVE every Saturday! Or else I'll cry.