Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "S2E10: My BFF Death"

Hey Saturday Morning Friends. This is a podcast post. For a podcast. A podcast that was recorded just a few days ago. This marks the first time in quite a while that a Saturday Morning Arcade podcast post is actually up to date. With that being said, I guess I should take this opportunity for some house cleaning.

I know there a bunch of episodes missing still. I assure you that they're on their way and will be posted as soon as they're uploaded by CFRE. As I noted on the Podcast dump post, things are pretty hectic over there right now which means the uploading process is taking a tad longer than usual. To help combat this drought, we've been uploading our own recordings to Megaupload. I need to stress that there seems to be quite the audio difference between the two. Granted, one is being recorded in a radio booth while the other is a recording of the live stream. For the record the CFRE podcasts are more clearer while the Megaupload links appear quicker. Listener discretion is advised.

Anywho, enough of that boring stuff. The first half of this episode is dedicated to pitching a Stylish Combat and Adventure game Hybrid. Once we get that out of our systems we rap about friendship, Dark Souls, NBA Jam, Batman and our concerns regarding the current state of the videogame industry. You can redeem your SMA online passes HERE.

Unfortunately, there won't be an episode of Saturday Morning Arcade this week (10/22). I, along with CFRE, will be venturing to New York for the 2011 CMJ Marathon. Thus, there will be no one to host the show! Don't fret though, we'll resume our regularly scheduled program on the 29th. So make sure to tune in at 9pm est over at! Who knows, it might even be a spooky halloween episode! Ok, maybe not.

Until then,

-Recorded 10/15/11
-S2E10 : 'My BFF Death' [via CFRE]
-S2E10 : 'My BFF Death' [via Megaupload]