Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "S2E6: Apathetic Beach Volleyball"

The gang from "Saturday Morning Arcade" reveal the less glamorous side of tropical exploitative vacations whilst pitching a new Dead or Alive Extreme game! Other things are also discussed.

In the first half we rap about Facebook games, CSI, Fastfood Characters, Mushroom Backstory and shotguns. During that, we pitch videogames involving Chocobos, Dancing, Dinosaurs, Jackie Chan, Hanggliders, Radio Active Weddings, Surf Creation and Raccoon Spies. Afterwards we discuss Madden 12, Deux Ex, Community, Saints Row, Batman, Comics, Nintendo 64 Nostalgia and the unsung PS2 classic, B-Boy. To close off we pitch a few more videogames, with a majority of the time dedicated to our own take on the next Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Get your beach clothes ready HERE.

Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE records every Saturday night, at 9pm EST. You can hear all the madness live over at It's just as awkward the first time around. And twice the fun? sure.


-Recorded 09/17/11
-S2E6 : 'Apathetic Beach' [via CFRE] [unavailable]
-S2E6 : 'Apathetic Beach' [via Megaupload]