Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "S2E7: Hello Alison"

Micheal Jackson, World War II, Basketball, Shaun White and Landmines. Listen as the gang from "Saturday Morning Arcade" try to pitch video games about these things! PLUS, is Natassia's claim to SMA's First Lady threatened? FIND OUT IN THIS EXCITING EPISODE!

Saturday Morning Arcade is at it again! This week we talk about Moneyball, eBay bidding, Pre-order Bonuses, Persona games, Sonic memories, Fallout, weddings, Torchlight, how terrible the Pokemon anime is, cats, midnight launches, Darksiders, Madden 12, online passes, Call of Duty Elite, NHL 12, Natassia's D&D character, Monopoly, 1313 Dead End Drive, and my BFF Alison. We also pitch videogames involving Michael Jackson, World War II, Basketball, Shaun White, Landmines, Jetskis, and a whole bunch of other ideas. Get your filling of flaming basketballs and skateboards HERE.

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-Recorded 09/10/11
-S2E7 : 'Hello Alison' [via CFRE] [unavailable]
-S2E7 : 'Hello Alison' [via Megaupload]

This post needs more what the episode title refers to. The world also needs more Jet Set Radio.