Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "S2E8: First Hand Experiences"

New microphones, vinyl toys, kitchen scales, Nintendo 3DS' and soggy text books. Listen to what happens when the gang from "Saturday Morning Arcade" turn their regular scheduled program into show and tell! Just don't tell Batman we're recording in the Batcave!

This week's episode of Saturday Morning Arcade is pretty visual. While that sounds cool in theory, cold harsh reality rears its head when you realize... this is an audio podcast. But that hasn't stopped us before! This week we bring you some SPORTS, poutine, live unboxings of Kid Robot Street Fighter Vinyl Toys and Digital Kitchen Scales, Geocaching, Uncharted, Persona 2, Star Wars Kinect, Dance Central 2, Ubisoft games including I Am Alive, Demon's Souls, Stealth games, Social MMO Glitch, and live hands on with the 3DS. We also pitch videogames... I think? Sure. You can listen to us in 3D HERE.

So will we be seeing you next week? You know, for when we broadcast are episodes LIVE? It all goes down every Saturday night at 9pm est over at You should check it out. There will be cookies!... for your ears.


-Recorded 10/01/11
-S2E8 : 'First Hand Experiences' [via CFRE]
-S2E8 : 'First Hand Experiences' [via Megaupload]
-Note: This episode is EXTREMELY echo filled. Like, recording in an airplane hanger echo extreme. As we kind of note in the beginning of the show, we have a new mic over at CFRE and boy is that one sensitive. This is a fun episode thus we encourage you to listen despite its quality. But if you can't stand it, we also understand. Sorry!