Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE - "S2E9: Saturday Morning Mistakes"

Note to self: Saturday Morning Arcade is a videogame talk/pitch show, where we talk about videogames, pitch videogame ideas and occasionally (well, more often than that) live blog about our lives. Even though the episodes may seem like they are losing steam, that does not mean we should resort to taking other Pocasts' gimmicks, ie reading out Craigslist ads or trying to give out advice. The whole thing sounds awkward in the end, just FYI. Though we do welcome listener emails, emails that can be sent to I guess giving out advice isn't the problem per say, but make the deliverable more natural and less forced. Yeah, that works.

Saturday Morning Arcade ventures into uncharted territories as we begin by answering some listener questions. While we've answered a few in the past, this time things become a lot less videogamey and a lot more general advicey. Once the chaos settles down, we return to a previously pitched videogame and flesh it out a bit more. Afterwards we rap about Shadow of the Colossus, RAGE, hats, Deus Ex, NHL 12, Bully, Demon's Souls, reserved bidding, stealth game NPC reactions and NBA Jam. To close off, we pitch one more game involving a ninja monk and a ballsy prince. You can spark some De Ja Vu HERE.

Now wasn't that fun. You know what's more fun? Joining us LIVE every Saturday night! You can catch us at 9pm est over at It's a hoot. No really, it is!

-Recorded 10/08/11
-S2E9 : 'Saturday Morning Mistakes' [via CFRE]
-S2E9 : 'Saturday Morning Mistakes' [via Megaupload]
-Note: This online pertains to the Megaupload version. We're still working out the kinks with the new mic over at CFRE. While we're no longer recording in the Batcave, we seem to have found ourselves in distorted town. While the audio is more listenable, it does sound a bit weird. Just a bit. The fun, and more importantly, the love is there ;D