In This Blog: I Briefly Comment On Every Game I Played In 2012

It sounds simple enough. It was in early 2011 that I saw a blog post by Stephen Totilo where he listed the 52 games that he finished. The idea of recording all the games you played in a year fascinated me, so much so that I wanted to do it myself. The question would be for what purpose though. At first I thought it would make creating a Top 10 Games of the Year list much more easier. Every game you played would be right there, eliminating the possibility of forgetting something you got your hands on earlier that year. 

Then, of course, there was the ulterior motive. To exploit this list and create a “In This [online form of communication]: I Briefly Comment On…” for that sweet sweet e-fame. 

Well, here it is. I will be using this space to briefly commenting on every game I played in 2012. While some would take this opportunity to review said games, I won’t be so much. Most of the posts will mostly contain a particular experience I had within the confines of a game, rather than a more traditional critical approach. Plus, the fact that these games are fairly old now means a review would be pretty moot.  

Now let’s get to the reminiscing.