I Briefly Comment On: Jaren Wade's Top Ten Games of 2012 - Number 09

Let's make an arbitrary list of my favourite games of 2012. Here's number nine.

I apologize in advance for separating my top ten entries into their own individual posts. While it may seem like a scheme to generate more page views (haha!), I assure you that it is for practicality's sake. Each entry spans multiple paragraphs and sorting them this way makes for easier viewing. I thank you for your consideration.

Ever since I bought it, I had labeled my Kinect the “Dance Central” machine. While there are certainly a handful of different titles that support the device, none have been able to capture my attention longer than Harmonix’s trio of dancing games. Leave it to Double Fine studios to not only make me question my original label, but my thoughts on how to utilize the peripheral as well.

I love the concept behind Double Fine Happy Action Theater. Take every motion that may break the Kinect sensor’s tracking and use it to your advantage. This unorthodox mentality has led to a collection of different mini games that act more so as toys than anything. Players can jump around ball pits, splash around in lava, wreck a city as giant monsters, or my personal favourite, pose with themselves in pictures.

I cannot understate how fun this game is with friends. The chaos that ensues is equally matched by the amount of laughs. Next to Dance Central, this was the only other title I was able to play with my family this year, and I cannot explain the amount of joy that I saw radiating from them. Happy Action Theater gave me everything its name offered and then some. It’s a bonding tool that provides light hearted fun; things that I definitely need more of from the videogames I play.

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