Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E1: No Ni Kuni

It's been a while friends. Saturday Morning Arcade use to revolve around a weekly videogame podcast where we discussed what we've been playing and the latest news in the industry. Soon it became an outlet where we pitched videogames based on randomly generated names. Eventually it became a mixture of both. Then real life happened, and time unfortunately was not on our side.

Well, that's behind us now. Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! returns. While it may not be every week, you can expect to listen to our soothing voices at least once a month. When we are streaming live however, you can still check us out every Saturday night over at the lovely CFRE Radio. If not, we will be posting our episodes via MixCloud for your listening pleasure. You can check out our first episode in the embedded link below.

Last Saturday (02/02/13), we talked about our celebrity friends, the Ni No Kuni collector's edition, EVE Online, Forza Horizon, League of Legends, InJustice: Gods Amongst Us pre-order bonuses, and Dead Space 3/Borderlands 2 Microtransactions.

We're aiming to do a Sony Prediction episode before February 20th, so keep an eye on our respective Twitter pages to see when that's going to be broadcasted live. Until then,