Saturday Morning Adventures - S1E0: Pregame Prepartion

There exists a game, revered all throughout the land. One of dungeons, dragons and millions of heroes; each with their own glorious tales to be shared. This friends, is one of those tales.

Welcome to the first instalment of Saturday Morning Adventures, where the gang of Saturday Morning Arcade pick up their character sheets and throw down some dice. Throughout the next couple of weeks, SMA will be recording themselves play through a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and subsequently posting them online for your listening enjoyment. If you've ever been interested in the table top role playing game, yet haven't had the time or the means to partake in it yourself, now is your chance to peek into this land of fantasy - or at least something like it.

In this pregame episode, you will be introduced to each of the players, their characters, their scenario and the basic rules of D&D. You can download the podcast/mp3 version via MediaFire here, stream it via MixCloud here or listen to the embedded player below:

Mind you, for many of us, this is our first experience with Dungeons & Dragons. Hopefully you'll come along on this journey with us. Now friends, let's set sail for ADVENTURE!

Saturday Morning Adventures - S1E0: Pregame Preparation [via MediaFire]

Saturday Morning Adventures - S1E0: Pregame Preparation [via MixCloud]


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