Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E14: Alice Awards

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You can support us by donating your time and listen to this week's episode! (Originally broadcasted LIVE! May 10th) To add further incentive, we're offering various listener reward tiers. The more you listen, the more rewards you'll get! With each donation, you'll receive Saturday Morning Arcade members Jaren, Julian and Matt talk about:

1 Minute:
-Hanging outside bookstore washrooms

5 Minutes:
-Jaren being a hipster about Adventure Time, and other Saturday Morning Cartoon talk

12 Minutes:
-Jaren being a hipster about Vin Diesel & Chuck Norris Jokes

16 Minutes:
-Power leveling and the current state of MMOs

21 Minutes:
-The Dungeons & Dragons movie

35 Minutes:
-Shadow of the Eternals and their Faux Kickstarter

50 Minutes
-Donating to the potential Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter

108 Minutes:
-Being stoked over The Stomping Land and its Kickstarter

111 Minutes:
-More Alice Kickstater talk because all hail Queen Alice.

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SaturdayMorningArcade - Alice Awards by Saturdaymorningarcade on Mixcloud

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