Saturday Morning Adventures - S1E7: A Wizard and His Heads

Our heroes Jammy the Druid, Trym the Rogue, McGee the Wizard, Bernardd the Cleric, and Armand the Fighter take a step upwards toward the elusive Philosophers Stone.

And welcome to the seventh installment of "Saturday Morning ADVENTURES!", where the gang of Saturday Morning Arcade play through a custom Dungeons & Dragons campaign. After dealing with a tricky set of stairs, our heroes find themselves dealing with a new set of problems. Could it be close to the prize that they seek? You can find out by downloading the podcast/mp3 version via Libsyn here, streaming it through the embedded player below:

Credit to Kevin MacLeod of for the use of the following pieces of music in this podcast 
(In order of initial play): 'Hidden Agenda', 'Temple of the Manes', 'Five Armies'
Which are all Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Mind you, for many of us this is our first experience with Dungeons & Dragons. Hopefully you'll come along on this journey with us. Now friends, let's set sail for ADVENTURE!

Saturday Morning Adventures - S1E6: A Wizard and His Stairs [via Libsyn]