Saturday Morning Adventures - S1E8: A Wizard and His Ending

Our heroes Javelin the Paladin, Trym the Rogue, McGee the Wizard, Bernardd the Cleric, and Armand the Fighter face their destinies as their adventures come to an end.

And welcome to the final instalment of "Saturday Morning ADVENTURES!", where the gang of Saturday Morning Arcade play through a custom Dungeons & Dragons campaign. After witnessing one of their own perish at the fangs of powerful creatures, our heroes are left with a crucial decision: shall they continue on with their adventure? You can find out by downloading the podcast/mp3 version via Libsyn here, streaming it through the embedded player below:

Credit to Kevin MacLeod of for the use of the following pieces of music in this podcast 
(In order of initial play): 'Hidden Agenda', 'Temple of the Manes', 'Five Armies'
Which are all Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

After a few weeks, our first outing into the world of Dungeons & Dragons has come to an end. Fear not though, as heroes both new and old will return in the upcoming weeks. Now that we have a better grasp with the game, there are more stories to be told and adventures to be had. Until the next time we set sail for adventures, my friends.