Saturday Morning Adventures - S2E0: The Masquerade and Its Rules

"There exists a game, revered all throughout the land. One of dungeons, dragons and millions of heroes; each with their own glorious tales to be shared. This friends, is one of those tales."

And the adventure continues...

Welcome to the second installment of Saturday Morning Adventures, where the gang of Saturday Morning Arcade play through a custom Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. It's like Dungeons & Dragons, but the dungeons are replaced with a modern city setting, and the dragons with vampires.

In this pregame episode, we will introduce you to all the players, the vampire clans, the character creation process, the scenario and the rules. You can check out the podcast mp3 version here or listen to the embedded player below:
For additional reading/context, you can check out Julian's "cheat sheet", a multi-page document which covers the different vampire clans and their skills for the game. You can read it here.

Make sure to check out Saturday Morning Arcade every Wednesday for the latest episode of our journey. Now friends, let's set sail for ADVENTURES!

Saturday Morning Adventures - S2E0: The Masquerade and Its Rules [MP3]

From the Desk of Sir Robert D. Amherst [Julian's Vampire Clan Guide] [.docx]

This episode features the song "Saturday Morning Arcade Theme 2013 (Demo)" by Jesse Jones. You can check out his soundcloud here.