Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E28: Gamer Fuel

You must be thinking "of course". "Of course, this videogame based talk show is referencing a common videogame culture trope for the title of their latest episode". But fear not faithful listener! I promise you that the next hour and a half are D Free! No mention of Dew, Doritos and... D-Gamer Grub. I think. I take back that promise. If you weren't there to join us LIVE on August 10th, we have you covered!

For this episode, Julian, Matt, Rakush and I rap about vacation food, throwing the flying disc, the definition of art, Disney's Planes, the Pixar timeline, the million dollar Saints Row IV special edition, building a PC, Jet Grind Radio, WWE 13, Salty Bets, Hotline Miami, Guild Wars 2, Mega Pokemon, Super Smash Bros and a fareware to LIVE Professor Julian. You can do the dew by downloading the podcast MP3 here or streaming it through the embedded player below:
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