Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E29: An Infinite Amount of Toys

Sometimes, you just have to go back home. Last week saw a few changes amongst the merry band of Saturday Morning misfits. With Professor Julian "Mr. Cruz" Cruz leaving us to go teach in China (best of luck good sir) and audio/PC building wizard Matt Alba handling other obligations - the Saturday Morning Arcade Clubhouse was temporarily unavailable. Thus Mark, Rakush and myself ventured to where it all began - in the comforting studios of CFRE Radio.

If you weren't able to join us LIVE on August 17th, then we have you covered. It was a weird episode as we were adjusting to all the changes but somehow we managed to rap about Project X Zone, Guild Wars 2, WWE 13, collecting vinyl toys and Mark's hype for Disney Infinity. You can add this week's episode to your podcast collection by downloading the podcast MP3 version here or listening to the embedded stream below:

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