Saturday Morning Adventures - S3E0: The Queen and Her Rules

"There exists a game, revered all throughout the land. One of dungeons, dragons and millions of heroes; each with their own glorious tales to be shared. This friends, is one of those tales."

And the adventure continues...

Welcome to the third installment of Saturday Morning Adventures!, where the gang of Saturday Morning Arcade play through a custom Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I mean, vampires are so last season anyway.

In this pregame episode, we will introduce you to the players, their characters and the basic rules of D&D. You can check out the quick set up by downloading the podcast mp3 version here or streaming it through the embedded player below.

I should also preface that while this is our third outing into the world of pen & paper RPGS, this is the first time that I (Jaren Wade) am dungeon mastering. Hopefully you're able to join me on a secondary adventure as I try my hand at something new. Make sure to check out Saturday Morning Arcade every Wednesday for the latest episode of our journey. Now friends, let's set sail for ADVENTURES!

Saturday Morning Adventures - S3E0: The Queen and Her Rules [MP3]