Saturday Morning Adventures - S3E1: The Queen and Her Fall

Come come now, and down the rabbit hole you shall go - as we welcome you to our latest role playing show. It is one full of magic and mystery and the likes of that which you would call insane - though some would say that's ordinary in a custom Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Joining you on this journey are Mick the Human Paladin, Leyla the High Elf Wizard and Runny the Wood Elf Druid. A young woman seeks our heroes' assistance in the liberation of her homeland from a wicked Queen. Not ones to turn down an adventure, the friends agree to help - hopefully they're able to survive the trip.

You too can follow the white rabbit by downloading the podcast MP3 version here or streaming it through the embedded player below.

Credit to Kevin Macleod of for the use of his song "Easy Lemon" and "Gagool" throughout this episode. 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

I should also preface that while this is our third outing into the world of pen & paper RPGS, this is the first time that I (Jaren Wade) am dungeon mastering. Hopefully you're able to join me on a secondary adventure as I try my hand at something new. Make sure to check out Saturday Morning Arcade every Wednesday for the latest episode of our journey. Now friends, let's set sail for ADVENTURES!

Saturday Morning Adventures - S3E1: The Queen and Her Fall [MP3]