Saturday Morning Adventures - S3E7: A Queen and Her Kingdom (Season Finale)

Come come now, and down the rabbit hole you shall go - as we welcome you to our latest role playing show. It is one full of magic and mystery and the likes of which you would call insane - though some would say that's ordinary in a custom Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Joining you on this journey are Mick the Human Paladin, Leyla the High Elf Wizard and Runny the Wood Elf Druid. The three friends find themselves in a strange land after they agree to help a young woman liberate it from an oppressive ruler. After dethroning the Queen, our adventurers find themselves wondering. Wondering what exactly stands before them. Wondering what exactly they got themselves into. And wondering what exactly this place is. I mean, they don't call it Wonderland for nothing.

You too can follow the white rabbit by downloading the podcast MP3 version here, or streaming it through the embedded player below:
Credit to Kevin Macleod of for the use of his songs "Movement Proposition", "Mysterioso March", "Stoneworld Battle", "Hidden Age" and "Bumbly March" throughout this episode. 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

We would like to thank you for joining us on our third installment of Saturday Morning Adventures! I would also like to personally thank you for putting up with my first time DMing shenanigans. It was a great learning experience, and I hope to use this new found knowledge and familiarity in the near future. Saturday Morning Adventures! will take a very short hiatus and will return with the fourth season. Many more heroes await you in the future. Until then friends, let's set sail for ADVENTURES!

Saturday Morning Adventures - S3E7: A Queen and Her Kingdom [MP3]