Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E102: Immortal Fanfiction

This week's episode of Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! happened on the eve of Matt's departure to Japan (or sometime close to it). In between packing his bags, he sat down with Rakush and I to discuss SPORTS!, Mortal Kombat X, Steam World Dig, Exploding Kittens / Bring Your Own Books Kickstarter Backing, Danganronpa and of course... WWE Immortals. Really sorry about that last one. 

You can re-write your own ending and/or spin-off to this episode by downloading the audio MP3 version here or streaming it through the embedded player below: 

Since Matt will be in Japan for the next month, we will be taking a brief LIVE broadcast hiatus until the beginning of March. In the meantime, you can check back every week for "Specialty Morning Arcade" episodes where we discuss a particular topic.

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Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E102: Immortal Fanfiction [MP3]