Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E103: Club Money

With Matt off having his own Saturday Morning Adventures in Japan, for the next few weeks we will be posting a few pre-recorded Specialty Morning Arcade episodes where we discuss a particular topic. However, Matt and myself could not resist recording one more true Saturday Morning Arcade Live episode before his flight and thus the specials will have to wait. In the meantime you can listen to us talk about Besiege, the final Club Nintendo Rewards, Ubisoft's reaction to grey market keys, how we value videogames and how we buy them today. In many respects, this is a Specialty episode in itself.

I should mention that I have some pretty... unreasonable opinions towards digital rights and having digital games being taken away. It's something that I wish I put more thought behind instead of just blurting things due to the spur of the moment. 

It'll be something we'll most definitely return to in future episodes but until then you can listen to me sound like an unreasonable drone by downloading the audio MP3 version here or streaming it through the embedded player below: 

Since Matt will be in Japan for the next month, we will be taking a brief LIVE broadcast hiatus until the beginning of March. In the meantime, you can check back every week for "Specialty Morning Arcade" episodes where we discuss a particular topic.

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Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - S3E103: Club Money [MP3]