The Mistake Zone - Spring 2019 Episode 6: We Never Learn: MISUZON

Spring is in the air and those Saturday Morning Arcade boys are back with the sixth episode of The Mistake Zone for the 2019 spring anime season. In this somewhat beefy episode, Matt and I share our thoughts on:

00:04:40: The Helpful Fox Senko-san - Episode 5 & 6
00:12:24: Carole & Tuesday - Episode 6
00:21:48: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Episode 7
00:31:51: Midnight Occult Civil Servants - Episode 7
00:45:24: Sarazanmai - Episode 6
00:52:39: We Never Learn: BOKUBEN - Episode 7
01:09:47: Isekai Quartet - Episode 7
01:13:53: Senryuu Girl - Episode 7
01:20:11: Cinderella Nine - Episode 7
01:29:51: Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu - Episode 7

You too can never learn with us by downloading the latest episode HERE or streaming it through the embedded player below:

Join us next time as we continue to explore new episodes from these and other spring season anime. For science, of course.

The Mistake Zone OUT.


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