Saturday Morning Arcade LIVE! - 10th Anniversary Celebration

Ten years ago I sat in a college radio booth with one of my best friends to talk about video games for an hour. While a written blog existed for 11 months prior, it was that first broadcast episode that really opened up the possibilities of what Saturday Morning Arcade could be - or at least, helped a bunch of knuckleheads connect as friends.

To everyone that has contributed, followed and supported Saturday Morning Arcade even once in the last ten years I really do thank you. I honestly never imagined that I would be part of a fun little project that would be able to have a retrospective discussion a decade later.

Saturday Morning Arcade / The Mistake Zone ultimately to me is this strange document that helps highlight certain points in many of it's participants lives. And while it is a shell of its former self, it's still nice to come together, celebrate it as a whole and what it meant for everyone involved.

I would like to invite you to join Matt, Mark, Rakush, Julian and myself as we look back on our Saturday Morning Adventures from the last ten years, the ups, the downs and give brief updates to where we currently are. 

I do apologize for the audio quality - as the proper set up is pretty difficult to maintain with a global pandemic and friends all across the country - but alas, the spirit is there. I hope.

You too can look back at ten years of Saturday Mornings and Mistakes by downloading the episode here or streaming it through the embedded player below:

I hope that you all are staying safe out there and taking care of yourself / each other. Hopefully when everything has settled down, we can return to you with some furious content or further explain how big of degenerates we are now. 

Regardless, thank you again.



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