The Mistake Zone - 5x22: The Game Awards: Unbound

Those Saturday Morning Arcade boys are back in the Mistake Zone to dedicate some awards! Join Jaren and Matt as they discuss buying delisted DLC, racing with graffiti overlays and exploring some of the announcements from The Games Awards 2022.


0:00 - Fuser Opening

16:13 - Need For Speed Unbound

33:04 - The Game Awards

34:52 - TGA: Vampire Survivors

37:14 - TGA: Judas

44:38 - TGA: Blue Protocol / Wayfinder

47:20 - TGA: Armored Core VI

50:50 - TGA: Diablo IV

52:12 - TGA: Street Fighter VI

53:23 - TGA: Death Stranding 2

54:24 - TGA: Remnant 2

56:03 - TGA: Bayonetta Origins

58:56 - TGA: Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

1:02:22 - TGA: Hades II

1:08:48 - Best Multiplayer Ending

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Join us next time as we continue to share our weekly mistakes with you. For science, of course.

The Mistake Zone OUT.