The Mistake Zone - 5x23: Midnight Fight Express

Those Saturday Morning Arcade boys are back in The Mistake Zone to wish you and yours a Happy Holidays. We'll be going on a little break and will come back to you with even more mistakes in 2023. Until then, join Matt and Jaren for the last 2022 episode where they discuss custom robos, Hololive merchandise, mega cute gyarus, shiny Butterfree and Midnight Fight Express.

0:00 - Robo Opening
4:24 - No Game Merchandise
13:31 - Pokemon Journeys
28:21 - 2023 Anime
40:02 - Midnight Fight Express
1:00:05 - Our Boy Closing

You too can do it for your childhood self by downloading the latest episode HERE, wherever you get your podcasts or streaming it through the embedded player below:

Join us in 2023 as we continue to share our weekly mistakes with you. For science, of course.

The Mistake Zone OUT.