The Mistake Zone - 5x25: I was a Riders Republic Exocolonist

Those Saturday Morning Arcade boys are back in The Mistake Zone reaching for the stars. Join Jaren and Matt as they discuss Riders Republic's many map icons, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope's underperformance, I was a Teenage Exocolonist, BanG Dream's 5* cards and the Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.


0:00 - Edamame Opening

1:36 - Riders Republic

18:55 - Ubisoft says Marios + Rabbids Spark of Hope Underperformed

33:54 - I was a Teenage Exocolonist

50:17 - BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

59:51 - Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell

1:11:09 - Watch Anime Closing

You too can explore giant maps by downloading the latest episode HERE, wherever you get your podcasts or streaming it through the embedded player below:

Join us next week as we continue to share our weekly mistakes with you. For science, of course.

The Mistake Zone OUT.