The Mistake Zone - 5x39: Idol no Ko

Rakush and Matt are back at it with another deep dive into a deep topic. This time, it's idols. So come join them as they jump down this dark horrible rabbit hole of entertainment.


0:00 - Named Opening

5:43 - Oshi no Ko Part 1

12:17 - Tangent 1: Idol Culture

17:05 - Tangent 2: Japanese Comedy

21:25 - Oshi no Ko part 2

35:53 - The Fall into Idols

42:09 - K-pop Idols

50:16 - J-pop Idols

57:01 - Idol Performances

1:02:47 - Anti-Fans

1:25:20 - Vtubers

1:35:07 - Hatsune Ending

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Join us next week as we continue to share our weekly mistakes with you. For science, of course.

The Mistake Zone OUT.