The Mistake Zone - 6x02: Fortnite Metaverse


The Mistake Zone is the Fortnite Zone once again as Lego Jaren and Rocket Matt discuss Fortnite's Rocket Racing, Lego and Festival modes before diving into The Boy and the Heron Impressions and TGA Trailers. 


0:00 - Decorated Opening

5:13 - Fortnite

9:35 - Rocket Racing

16:28 - Lego Fortnite

28:21 - Fortnite Festival

45:21 - Boy and the Heron

57:28 - The Game Awards

1:18:52 - 4/20/69 Closing

You too can yes, and downloading the latest episode HERE, wherever you get your podcasts or streaming it through the embedded player below:

Join us next week as we continue to share our weekly mistakes with you. For science, of course.

The Mistake Zone OUT.