The Mistake Zone - 6x03: Rollerdroming behind the supermarket

Jaren and Matt find themselves roller skating behind the supermarket once again as they discuss questionable purchasing habits, Gamepass games, falling off games, smoking and Apothecary Diaries.


0:00 - Snowy Opening

1:49 - SSX Tricky / Nikke

9:00 - Gacha Opening

17:05 - Goat Simulator 3

23:00 - Rollerdrome

31:25 - Falling off of games

47:54 - Smoking behind the supermarket with you

1:00:36 - Apothecary Diaries

1:07:49 - Supermarket Closing

You too can lend Matt your copy of SSX Blur by downloading the latest episode HERE, wherever you get your podcasts or streaming it through the embedded player below:

As it is the holiday season, we may have a weird posting schedule for the next two weeks. If we're unable to share our mistakes until then, please have a happy holiday season and we wish you the best for 2024!

The Mistake Zone OUT.